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PMC-San Emigdio Cam (Larger View)

This view is from the north slope of Mt. Pinos, at 6,000 feet, looking towards Pine Mountain Club and the San Emigdio Range.


The camera above is located on Woodland Drive looking North towards lower Dogwood Court, at slightly over 6,000 feet. This is a Foscam FI8905W outdoor wireless IP camera with 30 meter night vision using 60 IR LEDs. This camera has a very sensitive motion detection capability and a very effective IR ability for night vision. (There is no lighting in this picture at night) This new camera (May-2013) shows a much improved balance adjustment to real colors over the older model, however the picture appears blurry under some lighting conditions. Reliability remains an issue with Foscam cameras; the camera replaced in January lasted approximately 4.5 months.

(These pictures are updated every 2-3 minutes during daylight hours, every day, except for PMC-West, which only operates during daylight hours)



  •  Enables monitoring of your residence while you're away, 24/7
  •  Cameras can be placed practically anywhere, inside or outside your home
  •  Most cameras are small & adjustable, with weatherproof models available
  •  Access your cameras through your secure network, from anywhere in the world
  •  Camera access now available on most cell phones with internet access
  •  Can be configured for motion detection, with notification through email
  •  Home lighting & thermostat automation options available

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